My Personal Journey


My journey into health and wellness started many years ago when I started to question the solutions that our current allopathic medical community was offering.  I never seemed to get any of my problems solved, the answers were always the same, there's nothing we can see that's wrong or try this pill. So I started to search for answers myself and always found a solution that worked but was never presented to me by my doctors.. This is when I started to educate myself on more natural ways to heal common ailments. I started to study how the food we eat always effects our overall well being, it also effects how our body can fight off all those so called dis-eases.  Understanding  this simple fact of nature and living this lifestyle myself, seeing and feeling the effects it has on one's own physical and spiritual well being, I knew I had to teach as many as possible about this simple secret that has been keep hidden from us. 

I'm also a Level One Graduate of Dr Robert Morse's International School of Regenerative Detoxification.

My goal and passion is to see everyone live a happy and healthy life without any fear of dis-ease.  Join me on the road to wellness and change your life for the better.